The Time I “Met” a Beatle

Sadly, I was not posting regularly to a blog when this particular story happened, so I’ll have to update you from the beginning of May. But from the title I’m sure you can tell this is a story that is relevant to tell at any time. Long story short, I made a personal connection with Sir Paul McCartney. We aren’t here for the short version though.

So before any of this, my brother and I saw a TV ad for Paul McCartney coming to a nearby town for a concert–which was shocking enough when you live in South Dakota. However, the day the tickets came on sale, they sold out within minutes, leaving us empty-handed. I was willing to accept this defeat as a stroke of fate, but my brother refused to settle, so lo and behold someone selling extra tickets, which happened to be quite far away from the stage and were about twice the price.Let’s just say hearing that he spent that kind of money for those tickets gave me a panic attack and made me feel uneasy for quite awhile.

Paul isn’t the first knighted musician we’ve seen in concert. In October we went to an Elton John concert. While there, my brother thought of a very clever pun that would’ve made a killer sign: “Sir-tainly the best.” Always down for a good pun.

The morning before the McCartney concert, I saw online somewhere that Paul loves to read the best signs from the audience, so I was adamant about us making a sign with that pun. We made this sign in my car a couple hours before the concert, and neither of us are artistically gifted, so it was a very simple sign compared to what some people do.

We literally went to Target for a poster board and some markers prior to the concert and took maybe an hour to make this, but wow, was it well worth it.

While waiting in line at the concert, we noticed a local news station about to broadcast, so we positioned ourselves in line to casually be in the background holding our sign. Our sign made the background, but later the reporter came to us for a full interview! There’s our 15 seconds of fame.

This isn’t an infomercial, but WAIT! That’s not all!

We finally made it to our seats, very high up, but luckily there was a railing where we could tape our sign up, although I’m sure Paul could not have read it from our spot. We sat in our seats for no longer than 10 minutes when a lady came up to us. At first I thought she was a security worker at the venue, but she started asking us questions that made it seem like she wasn’t, so we were both very confused. Then she said that she works for Paul and that he saw our sign. She held up two tickets for seats in the SECOND ROW of the venue. We were in shock and disbelief. There’s no way this can be real. But she added that we had no reason to thank her–thank Paul. Paul McCartney basically personally gave us tickets. No biggie.

But it doesn’t stop there, no sir. (HA. See what I did there?)

So we made it to our seats. Since this was a much older crowd, I was scared I would give somebody a heart attack as I was literally running and jumping like a crazy person. Every single person that saw our sign immediately burst into a smile. During the concert (which was AMAZING, might I add), we were hoping he would make a comment on stage about our sign. At one point my brother and I both thought he made a gesture to have us come on stage with us, but nobody else said anything, so to this day it haunts us what would’ve happened if we tried getting up there. But toward the end of the concert, we all made eye contact, and he gave us a smile, nod, and a thumbs up. And I could not ask for anything more.

Still crazy to think of how close we were. Many of the people around us were regular concert goers, but my brother and I were on cloud nine the entire time. 

OH YEAH! And a guy, an older gentleman with the most interesting eyeglasses, walked into the front row halfway through the concert. At first he seemed very rigid as he held his drink (a “pinky out” type of person it seemed), but once the music began, he started dancing and jamming out. It was the absolute best. Before the concert ended he was about to leave again when he gave me a business card, telling me he made eyeglasses for SIR ELTON JOHN. My brother looked it up later and the man did not lie. I wasn’t even wearing glasses at the time. If that isn’t crazy to add to an already surreal night.

So yeah, there’s today’s story time. See, I’m not someone with great memory to tell these types of drawn out stories like some people can, but this is one I will never forget.

Take care, and keep the faith. -Allie



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