Media “Hipster”

I’m always a tad annoyed when people pull the “hipster” card. And by that, I mean that they refuse to consume any popular media and claim to be the first ones to find everything exciting. We’ve all had those moments, but people who do it on a regular basis? That gets old very quickly.

Besides my distaste for the hipster mentality, I am guilty of having it. Not necessarily on purpose, I just wish I had more people to get excited with when it comes to music and TV. I’ve never been a huge movie critic, but the other two? I have high standards.

A previous post of mine went in depth about how I find new music and what I enjoy. Usually the same type of process goes with TV shows, as well. Except in this case, I use IMDB ratings. Or just recommendations from select individuals who know what I enjoy. But after I binge through a new artist or show, I struggle to find anybody else to discuss it with.

The example I’ll use here is Black Mirror. OH MY GOSH. I’m excited just writing about it. Highly recommend. 10/10. Basically a modern day Twilight Zone. While I tend to enjoy binging through shows alone so I can focus and avoid judgment if I make random comments to myself, I’m left dwelling on some high-quality content without any decent way to share it. Heck, I’m thinking about an amazing episode of Black Mirror right now whilst knowing I’m one of the few people I know who has discovered the magic.

I’ve always wondered what it might be like to be a critic of some sort. Constantly listening or watching new things and eloquently judging it. How cool would that be? Except I’m not great at articulating all of the technical details beyond “this is good” or “this is awful.” I wish I could write an 1,000-word post about a single album or show and have it make sense, but that sounds so intimidating. My tastes usually go all over the place, too. While I have high standards for my entertainment, some of the most critically acclaimed pieces don’t appeal to me whatsoever. Game of Thrones? The Velvet Underground? Not a fan.

And then we go to books. I love reading with a passion. I love English and literature. I spent several years of my life thinking I  would be an English major. I like to pretend I still am. Literary discussions about themes and symbolism and interesting motifs…sign me up. But alas, I rarely get a chance to read anymore. I’ve been keen on libraries either. Strange,  I know. During school, I usually just stick to the music and TV unless I have no classes actually reading novels. Last semester I actually craved reading so much, I picked up library books to read. I usually don’t hear as much discussion about books, so it’s harder for me to judge what’s good or not.

Why I put so much emphasis on the ratings, who knows. Everybody else I know just likes what they like and don’t really care, but for some reason, I cringe thinking about spending my time on something knowing that it’s necessarily up to par. I trust random individuals on how to spend my time constantly. Most of them probably don’t know any more than I do, but I still go to them for guidance. Subconsciously, it’s probably just a way to validate my tastes to know they are “worthy.” Which sounds a little messed up. Doesn’t mean I’m stopping any time soon. But that also means I’m avoiding the “hipster” claims when I stick to media that plenty of others already approve of. I make things way too complicated just for my enjoyment.

I never know whether or not to recommend new things to people unless they explicitly ask. Otherwise I’d probably spew out a bunch of random names people don’t particularly care about. Especially with TV shows, I go through them so quickly, the details blur together. Also, if a show doesn’t hook me in immediately, I usually give up. Probably not the best practice, but I’m too impatient to wait for good things to start happening. I’m already on to the next show or artist. And shows with more than 5 seasons? Unless it’s magic, sorry. Sometimes I take random breaks of time where I don’t watch or listen to anything. My cravings come in random spurts of motivation.

If I should make more recommendations in these areas, let me know. I would love to share some ideas, I just don’t know where to start. At least it might give me the motivation to taking my tastes to another level, plus it’d add a nice mix of serious posts and not-so serious. At least if I can figure out what to say besides “Yup, this is good.”

Hope you enjoyed my scattered Monday morning thoughts. I swear, I’ll make more organized and meaningful posts the rest of the time. I just needed to articulate my thoughts and minor frustrations. Take this post as a reminder to allow yourself to take mental breaks every once in awhile. We can’t operate at 100% on our work all the time. Walk away from the serious business and wind down with something fun. But I recommend that fun to be highly rated.

Take care, and keep the faith. -Allie


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