All About Perception

NOTE: This post today is my tentative introduction to the book I’m working on. Just saying that is very exciting. In fact, you’ll probably have read the entire book by the time I’m done, as a majority of it will consist of the posts I’ve already written on this blog. So as I go through this process, I am taking you along. Enjoy.

“It’s all in the mind.”

A fairly simple statement from Beatles member George Harrison. Really, anybody could have uttered this sentence, and its relevance still resonates. We think about minds…while using our minds. Isn’t that mind-blowing? (Okay, I’ll stop.)

With everything that our minds are capable of, they are most responsible for creating what we know as reality. We each gaze at the world through a pair of spectacles, none of which compare to another. No wonder we have troubles first distinguishing our own views and then empathizing with others. It’s impossible to gain a truly full perspective entailing all of somebody’s thoughts and experiences to really understand how the wheels are turning in their heads.

But before jumping into that conundrum, our own individual minds offer plenty of challenges. Of course that bears with it the teenage “coming-of-age” period of self-discovery. The mind, however, is not stagnant. With time, you can grasp the foundation of your personality, but we are ever-evolving creatures, constantly absorbing new ideas and memories like a sponge. Whether this truly leads to wrinkles on the brain, I wouldn’t know, I’m no scientist, but you’ll certainly gain some wisdom over the journey that is life.

Who am I to speak as some enlightened guru about life? Admittedly, I am quite young. I don’t have much to show for at this point when it comes to making my mark on the world. What I lack in age, I make up for in perseverance. When my mind constantly urges me to give up, I’m stubborn enough to not listen. Instead, I allow curiosity to guide me toward new discoveries and ideas to not only broaden my own knowledge, but to also hopefully share that with anybody willing to read it.

And what better way to share my ideas than a book? Or, firstly, a blog. The following pages encompass much time spent in front of a laptop screen, dry eyes and wandering fingertips across a keyboard, silently cursing any sticky buttons. Never did I envision myself accomplishing what I have through making the spontaneous decision to write a blog post every weekday, but that decision has made another dream feel attainable: writing and publishing a book. Every page a labor of love. My name on a front cover. Those thoughts give me goosebumps.

What I perceived when first beginning this project is something ridiculously intimidating and at risk for failure. I am the type to perpetually think of a creative plot, write a page, and abandon it completely. But my perception is my choice. I have control over how I view every situation I face. My thoughts aren’t just falling from the sky for me to accept as is. So with this book, I thought of this as project within my wheelhouse, an attainable goal, an achievement that illustrate my passion.

With every post and essay I write, I want to project ideas that are meaningful. I want people to take away something they can ponder over or apply to their daily lives. We spend so much time and money toward specific aspects of our health, but rarely do we think about how powerful the mind can be in influencing everything else. A healthy mindset is too often neglected in a fast-paced society that humanity cannot truly keep up with, not without some time to slow down.

Through the power of genetics and the environment, certainly a decent combination of nature and nurture, I have myself already faced and continue to face difficulties in my mindset. The battle to keep my head above water is a daily conflict. And while my book focuses on my specific diagnoses of depression, anxiety and anorexia, whether you face mental illness or not, I believe that sharing my experiences and lessons learned can feel familiar to many and offer a new perspective to others. Mental illness is not a rare, exclusive phenomenon. If we continue down the busy path we’re on now, the problem will only expand further.

Also included is a section strictly dedicated to the concept of wellness. The word “health” is a real seller word in any industry out there, but wellness is more holistic and accurate to what we should strive to achieve. Wellness is a balance of our minds, bodies and souls and, in my opinion, is much more fulfilling. Through simple changes and intentional actions, you can potentially make a wonderful impact on yourself and others through the energy you radiate. Do I sound like a zenned out hippie? Because that probably isn’t far off from the truth.

In any case, with every turn of the page, I hope to make your kaleidoscopic perception a tad more colorful. To think, if we all opened our eyes and minds up more often, the world can become an even more beautiful place. It’s already breathtaking. The dull drag of a routine, a glorious celebration, a painful setback, an unexpected tragedy, a random occurrence, every second contains beauty. All we have to do is see it.

Take care, and keep the faith. -Allie


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