Attract Good Vibes

I have recently come across a concept that makes so much sense, is so straightforward, that it’s almosr absurd to say this is a philosophy. 

Although it is. This is the Law of Attraction. It originally comes from a philosophical movement beginning in the 19th century. Essentially, the Law of Attraction states that because everything is made of energy, our minds and bodies and thoughts and environment, that our thoughts will attract like thoughts and occurrences in life. In this case, focus on positive things brings positive things into your life and vice versa. 

I’m sure I’ll have people reading this wondering what kind of hippie mojo I’m mumbling. Bear with me here. Not everybody is going to fall for the thoughts having anything to do with the outside world. They are separate and should be treated as such.

I have my own viewpoint on the Law of Attraction. The core of this law isn’t to act like a magnet, that everything is super peachy just from some positive mantras. That isn’t realistic. But I do believe our minds create our perceptions of reality. We see everything through an individual, unique pair of lenses. Just as an example, think of a particular song, and chances are not many people, if any, will have the same emotions and interpretation of the music. We listen to it with a form of bias just from experiencing life and developing our own personalities. Heck, we can even go back to skews in how media reports on different events depending on their underlying political stances. Not much in the world is strictly unbiased or “untainted” by someone else’s perception.

Unlike a pair of reading glasses, we can adjust our prescriptions, how we respond to situations and emotions. We obviously have instinctive urges toward certain feelings, but we are in control. When you feel out of control, it’s not necessarily you causing the sensation.

From therapy alone, this concept is a big one. When facing illnesses like depression, anxiety, and eating disorders, you have to understand that there are multiple influences pulling you different directions in your head. There’s the rational you, and then the chemical imbalance in your brain is something else. Therapists often encourage patients to have a name even for the “other thing,” whatever that might be. No matter what, you have to be able to find yourself in the thick of it all.

Here’s a recent example: I had my first test of the semester last week. It was essentially review of basic French grammar and vocabulary, but I panicked. Very badly. And even when I knew I shouldn’t worry about it, that I’ll do fine, anxiety was thinking otherwise. The word “test” immediately sends me into flight mode. Although I struggled throughout the day, I got it done. 

What we can see as an impossible challenge is an opportunity. What is an entirely negative situation likely has at least one positive aspect. Chances are that it will serve as a wonderful lesson in the future, a time for growth and strength. 

The Law of Attraction is essentially being an optimist, despite the negative world we live in, when it’s so easy to complain and be bitter. Think of it as focusing on what is TRULY important to you. Who is the person you want to be? What does that person do, who is in that person’s life? You can be that person at any moment. Nothing is stopping you.

If we consistently think about our ultimate goals, they will inevitably occur. We will eventually start taking small steps toward achieving them. I can throw karma in here, too, because I do believe that if we live according to our values, the benefits will return back to us in some capacity. When we help others and treat others with kindness and respect, it will come back around. Exude good energy into the environment, and it’ll make the world a little brighter.

Obviously not every day we’re going to accomplish huge things beyond just making it through, but if your focus is on practicing gratitude, doing the simple tasks are small victories. Small, but a victory nonetheless. If you are a good, positive person, you’ll attract positive influences into your life.

Whether it be through prayer or just thoughts to yourself, do not waste the energy on what could be spent on more meaningful things. Mental illness adds a level of difficulty, admittedly, but the extra effort is worth it.

Take care, and keep the faith. -Allie


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