Spring Forward

Don’t worry, it’s not Daylight Savings Time yet. That’s another rant in of itself.

No matter how much I love boots and sweaters and everything cozy, I do appreciate change. I have always known I could never live in a climate that is the same temperature all year long. How boring would that be? What do you look forward to?

In typical Canadian style, winter seems to be dragging on. One day is a little sunnier, then a random blizzard rushes through. It’s really putting me in a rut. I am tired of looking out the window every day to more and more snow, dreading to ever go outside and not having a true opportunity to explore the great outdoors.

I can understand what people mean with Seasonal Affective Disorder, a wave of depression during the winter months. I love not worrying about sweating outside, a little chill in the air, the holidays and magic the winter can bring, but it really is suffocating after having winter weather for so long. As with the north and Midwest regions, winter lasts a solid half of the year, every other season just a week spurt of something new.

Since it’s March, it’s not too crazy to ask for some warmer spring weather by this point. The little details I get tired of after a long, hot summer are making me crave sunshine. Just the simple tweeting of birds is a sign of hope.

And here lies the main reason I love seasonal changes: they are changes. We must change; it’s unnatural to avoid change. A shift in temperatures leads to motivation for further change and growth. A desire to declutter your house and life. A motivating factor to spend free time differently than stuck in the house. A sign for new beginnings, a reminder that everything is temporary, and every moment is an opportunity to change.

As I’ve gotten older, my new favorite seasons have definitely shifted toward the cooler variety, but I still will always love spring, the only season that is a true rebirth of life after a long slumber. New budding animals and plants. Birds back from a yearly migration. A new sense of “spring fever,” excitement to run outside and embrace the beauty of nature.

Wherever I end up in this world, I hope I can see and appreciate every season that comes and goes. Those first few days of budding flowers, or first fallen crimson leaves, or first gentle snowfall, each remind us of the everyday magic surrounding us, a wonderfully crafted environment.

And just like the weather, we all go through seasons of change. Different moods and desires and motivations that can almost have a ritualistic appearance throughout the year. Just like nature, we need to embrace those more. The diversity every day may bring, each one a promise of time and life, something we should not take lightly.

When we lose the beauty of change, that’s when we get stuck in tunnel vision. Every day is just a day, same routine, nothing new or special. We lose a sense of wonder and purpose. What would it be like to see every day as a change of seasons, with that same invigorating breath of fresh air?  Let us melt our frigid mindsets and blossom into a new way of appreciating the moments we are granted.

Take care, and keep the faith. -Allie


2 thoughts on “Spring Forward

  1. I too understand where you are coming from here Allie! I live in Scotland and always have. As much as I like to complain about the gruelling rain and consistent gale-force winds that are happening right now, it is exciting and nice to wake up to something different each day. Sometimes. But the way I look at it is that it will get better soon! Spring… March in like a lion and out like a lamb!


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