Friday Vibes

I don’t have anything too profound to say today, but I really wanted to share some positivity that maybe others, myself included, can look back on when in need of a little pick-me-up.

No matter our own situations, we all have those days of just not feeling great, when you feel like you’re just barely hanging on and basic functioning brings about challenges as big as Mt. Everest. We might not even have a real reason for feeling bad. We just do.

And that’s okay. Every single emotion that enters our mind is valid and is worthy of feeling and acknowledging. In those times, treat yourself to some self-care. Do whatever brings you joy, whether that’s a good book, a face mask, or a night out with friends.

If you’re searching for comfort, it’s probably not going to come straight from an inspirational quote on Pinterest. As great as those are, those don’t do too much to our mental state. You have to find what resonates with you.

Perhaps just make a list of whatever you’re grateful for and/or what brings you happiness. I know, cheesy, but in that list are all the reasons why life is worth living. Why we can and should carry on. For my list, I’m beyond grateful for my wonderful family and friends, for videos of baby animals, for my faith in God, for the beauty of nature, for books, for music, for coloring books, for blowing bubbles, for warm sweaters and blankets, for simply having modern amenities like fresh water and shelter, and for so much more.

I am also grateful for humanity’s potential. I wholeheartedly believe we are not just random organisms randomly existing. We each have the capacity to make a difference in the world. We are born with a natural curiosity, full of hopes and aspirations. Treasure those and hold them close. You are worthy and capable of making your dreams reality, of living a life that is nothing short of joyous.

If there’s something in your life you don’t like it, accept it or change it. Even if you’re not spiritual, I find great peace in the Serenity Prayer: “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.”

Let us see our trials and tribulations as necessary lessons and stepping stones. Without them, we would not appreciate the beauty surrounding us, nor would we celebrate times of accomplishment or contentment. Through our pain, we can empathize with and help others. We can grow stronger and more resilient, teaching others to do the same, even in the darkest situations.

Even in the dark moments, they are only temporary. Just like life itself, nothing lasts forever. Impermanence reminds us negative emotions are fleeting and positive ones are all the more precious. We might as well smile and emphasize the good than dwell on the setbacks.

And you are so much more than a number, a label, a diagnosis, a single quality or trait. You are a plethora, a kaleidoscope encompassing an entire spectrum of knowledge and ability and love. Your physical embodiment determines nothing about yourself but serves the crucial purpose of protecting your soul. Your true appearance comes from your soul radiating a mind and spirit so valuable to this world.

No matter what, you are never alone. You are never so isolated or secluded that the world has left you behind. Maybe it’s just one person, or just your dog, but you make a positive impact on someone else. Their life is better simply because you exist. There is always somebody there to turn to.

Do what you need to take care of yourself, whether that’s putting on a face mask, reading a good book, or going out with friends. Allow yourself to rest. Allow yourself to feel whatever emotions pass by. Make yourself and whatever speaks to depths of your soul a priority. And look beyond yourself to see all the people who care about you and love you.

If any of my rambling today made any sense, let it close on a wish that you are all reach a point where you’re not merely existing. You, created in the image of God. You, made with the same energy as that of the trees and stars. There is so much more to life than barely scraping by. I hope you thrive. I hope your life sees more up’s than down’s. I hope you hold on through seemingly impossible challenges in your way and find the dawn of a brighter day. I hope you think of at least one reason for getting out of bed every morning.

You are a gift. A member of the human race. A loved one and friend to many others. A source of inspiration. A teacher and a student. An organism ready to bloom and flourish. A unique individual. A warrior.

Take care, and keep the faith. -Allie


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