The End is “Nye”

You would think that when I’m not-so sneakily latching onto my boyfriend’s Netflix account, I would take advantage of it. But like I’ve mentioned in the past, I haven’t really been drawn to movies or TV shows lately. I don’t really know why, but nothing has jumped out at me that has piqued my interest enough to watch through. Which is why podcasts and books have become my JAM.

And not like that will change any time soon. They are both mediums I have come to fall in love with and feel at home with. But, I have recently made an exception. One exception. One reason I logged back into my makeshift Netflix account and watched through a season of a new original series.

If you couldn’t tell by the title already, it’s Bill Nye’s new show. Was I the only one really hoping the new theme song would still chant “BILL BILL BILL”? No worries, everyone, it still does.

When it comes to science, Bill Nye the Science Guy is a classic. Anybody who thinks otherwise is most definitely wrong. The only time I had actually watched that show was in 6th grade science class, in which my teacher actually said she had met Bill Nye and that he wasn’t that nice in person. You can never convince me that is true. Heck, I rooted on Bill Nye on Dancing with the Stars because I was that dedicated to the man.

So I really didn’t know what to expect with his new show. I had only heard that he was making a new one. Luckily, however, I was sucked in. I watched all 12 episodes in two days. They’re only a half hour each, so not too much of time and attention commitment involved. It’s obviously gravitating toward an older audience because the fans that grew up with him are just that age.

My brother actually didn’t care for the format of the show because it slightly resembles more of a variety, talk-ish show. I say “ish” because I don’t watch enough of those to know. But for each episode, Bill hones in on a certain hot-button issue and takes it from a scientific perspective. For example, he runs the gamut on climate change, the gender/sexuality spectrums, overpopulation, vaccinations, and much more. The show has some staple segments where Bill talks to a panel of different people, where he literally just rants for a minute, and where a correspondent goes out and about.

Okay, sometimes things get…interesting, certainly pulling the “variety” card when illustrating some points or trying (probably too hard) to make things funny. If Bill Nye just stood on a stage and talked about whatever, I’d listen no matter what, but I know people like a little more in their entertainment, so I can understand that.

What I appreciate about this show is how diverse it is. I noticed so many different voices represented on the variety of issues, you can really get the whole picture of why people think and act how they do, a very important part of learning and growth. He even goes so far as to debunk some of the past claims he has made, most prominently when it comes to gender, that I really admire. It takes a certain type of person to admit that research and times change, and views can evolve accordingly.

And with diversity, you see people on the show who don’t necessarily have an immense background in science. Sometimes they’re just normal people. Or they’re bigger names to probably suck more viewers in, but nonetheless, I think opening outreach beyond the scientific field allows people like me who don’t enjoy studying science to feel welcome and included in the conversation. No, I don’t have a degree in a STEM field, nor do I want one, but I support science, and I deserve a seat at the table.

It can be easy to forget about science sometimes. I don’t consider myself logical all the time and I’m very spiritual, but when we allow emotions and wild claims dictate our thoughts and opinions, we lose sight of what is real and reasonable. We listen to people not qualified to disprove scientifically proven facts. And that is dangerous. That’s when we start losing sight of the human causes of climate change. We stop vaccinating. We ignore overpopulation. We fall into fad dieting and other gimmicks. If we don’t learn how to analyze the world and messages we consume every day, we just dig ourselves into a deeper hole, and it might not be us, but others and future generations will inevitably face the consequences.

So if a goofy show from a tall guy in a bow tie and lab coat will get people to start thinking more about the world around them and increase their awareness, I will not cease chanting “BILL BILL BILL!” I mean, come on, it’s so catchy.

Take care, and keep the faith. -Allie


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