Another Stepping Stone

As is typical with life, there are constant moments of closure and beginning. A time for things to subside to make room for something else truly meant for this present moment.

Beginning today for the next twelve weeks, I am honored to announce that I am a writing intern for the Borgen Project. This is a non-profit organization over a decade old dedicated to world poverty advocacy. My weeks will entail publishing some relevant articles, promoting advocacy and mobilization, and utilizing a fundraising effort to support the worthy cause.

So with my 1-2 articles a week, I will essentially be writing what I’ve done in the past through opinion columns, but this time, my words are in line with a purpose far beyond myself. Even as a remote intern, I can make a difference. It’s a change that is exciting and forward-thinking for what I want to do with my life: help others in any way I can.

Once I have a link up for my profile, I would very much appreciate any donations you may be able to put toward my efforts, but I will gladly accept any support and encouragement through this process.

I’m also looking forward to the coming fall semester, something that I admittedly was dreading for obvious reasons. What I thought would be gaping tears in my routine and preferred schedule, I will have more practical and meaning activities to devote my energies to. I will be serving my last undergrad year as my campus’s Peace Corps ambassador, plus I’ll be building up a campus chapter of NAMI from the ground up. Both of these groups are ones I feel very passionate about and hope to make any sort of impact through my involvement.

So with all of these life updates in mind, I do have a point to make today. Even when knowing that everything in life happens for a reason, it’s not exactly straightforward as to what that reason is. We ask why certain opportunities don’t work out, why certain relationships fall apart, why we make certain mistakes or come across heavy burdens. While maintaining some hope that these events are for the best, in the moment, they feel like anything but.

Without the fall outs, I would not have applied for the positions I have. I would not be considering the future that is now more like a calling for me. After years of anxiety simply from what might occur day to day, I find peace in the possibilities that lie ahead. The closures that were the hardest to accept ended up being the greatest blessings.

Life would not progress without these smaller cycles of life and death in the middle. Even without faith in God’s mysteries, those cycles are simply nature. Walking on the cobblestone path, we’ll have times when we’re timid to take a next step, standing upon a single secure stone for comfort. Other times, we become distracted and step into a crevice, taking some time to pull our foot out of the miniscule fault line. But give it time, and we keep walking. You cannot always tell the sincerity of every stone you see from its appearance, but we take risks. We choose progress, bad or good, over watching the world walk by.

We cannot prevent the faulty stones and potential slippery trails. That doesn’t mean we cannot prepare our bodies and minds. We educate ourselves, equip ourselves with the right tools to make the best choices and respect our bodies as vessels for the trek.

So in every step and season of life, let us accept what is and pray for what might be. I certainly didn’t expect anything that this summer has brought. It’s been a roller coaster, that’s for sure. But I’d like to think I’ve come out stronger and wiser, prepared for whatever step is next.

Take care, and keep the faith. -Allie


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