Day 5: Reading #GIG2017

A fabulous friend of mine also happens to be a great photographer, and we just happened to be in a library, so it works. (Check her Instagram @tayk_photography
I have always loved reading. That’s something I’ve expressed plenty of times on here, the way the world of literature has opened my mind and passion for the written word.

But this year I can especially be grateful for reading as I have read…many books. Perhaps the most I’ve read in a year, ever. And that’s saying something because I read fast.

I am counting up through the end of the month for the final tally, but I have over 50 books marked down as completed, and seeing my agenda page full of titles and authors makes me feel so accomplished. It has provoked that spark in me again that I forgot I was missing.

Now I’m to the point, you can’t find me a day without a reading book in my bag. I don’t discriminate, either. I tend to stick to fiction 99.5% of the time, but my choices have been anywhere from historical to thriller to everything in between.

Despite their differences, some books inevitably rising above others, they all serve that itch to dive into a story and escape from the world. I’ve had streaks of watching many TV series, or dabbling in a ton of new music, but this has been the year of the book.

The books themselves are more than just stacks of dead trees (yes, I still must use classic copies; ebooks are not my forte). They represent the time and place I read them, where I found them, the emotions they provoked. 

I think back to when I really got the kick to read, and that was my semester in Canada. I was dropped off on a campus in a new country without anyone or anything to really ground me. There were times I doubted everything, thinking I had made a big mistake, that I’m not cut out to travel and truly be independent.

And this is where I add the cliche twist of when I began reading. Boy, did I read. That’s where my travel money ending up going, starting in the campus bookstore and then stumbling upon a cute used bookstore.

Strangely enough, reading pushed me to venture to new places, to take advantage of random spots outside or going to downtown to a new cafe, the book in my hand acting as the security blanket I needed then. 

Obviously my obsession with reading has yet to stop any time soon, and I don’t plan it to. I caught the reading bug I had long ago and it refuses to take its grip off me, and I’m not complaining.

So I am grateful for reading, for quality literature, for tantilizing words that suck you in, hungry for more, unable to turn the pages fast enough. I’m grateful for phrases that leave me thinking and feeling for days, for characters that become friends I’ve never met in person. I’m grateful for worlds out of my immediate reach, but have a literary passport that let me visit.

Please leave me any and all book suggestions leading into the coming year. And if you’re ever curious about what I’m reading at the moment, scroll to the bottom of the page for my GoodReads profile I keep up-to-date with whatever book’s in my hand.

Take care, and keep the faith. -Allie


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