To be completely honest, I’m not someone special. I haven’t endured anything extremely difficult or accomplished anything profound or picked up any unique hobbies. I’m nineteen years old. I have lived in South Dakota my entire life. I will be a junior in college, majoring in mass communication and international studies. In my spare time, I enjoy delving into a good novel, finding new music, or cooking up a Pinterest recipe. I currently work as a writer for the non-profit organization The Borgen Project, along with serving as president of my campus chapter of NAMI and an ambassador for the Peace Corps. Simply put, I’m one busy lady. Once I make some more money, I’d love the opportunity to travel every inch of this beautiful world.

I did have one chance at traveling a few years ago. I was able to tour through several European countries. One of my favorite stops was Montreux, Switzerland. And when I realized one of my favorite artists was forever standing along its lake, I was lucky I kept calm long enough to snap a picture.

I have been writing and building up this blog for over a year now, and I’m beyond proud of the progress I’ve made. The people I’ve connected to through this crazy cyberspace has have been unforgettable, and I relish this opportunity to share my thoughts about the topics I truly feel passionate about. From faith, sustainability, veganism, mental illness, humanitarianism, and everything in between, I hope you can find just a touch of inspiration or a chuckle to start off every weekday.

I highly encourage you, if you enjoy my ramblings, to please subscribe to my updates and follow my social media accounts. I am always a message away, I truly mean that I will be here for anybody, at any time.

Take care, and keep the faith. -Allie


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  1. Hey I feel like we would make good freinds, anyway I could get your number? Just email it to me or dm in to me on Twitter! If not just email me! Ha


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